Welcome to Bushman America – Follow Your Instincts.

Inspired by traveling through the magnificence, freedom and beauty of the outdoors, combined with the dynamic urban environments our customers thrive within, we stand committed to providing the very best of both worlds.

All our products offer the highest quality for every season, every lifestyle and any occasion. You will always be assured of the perfect blend of functionality and reliability, designed to endure the test of time.

We avoid intentionally trendy and often ineffective ‘new tech’ that does little more than increase the price. Rather, we use tried and true materials and processes to create a reliable and effective partner for your everyday adventures.

Respect for Nature

At Bushman America, we craft our products out of environmentally-friendly and dependable materials, including natural cotton, wool, flax, leather and bamboo. Through our unique manufacturing techniques, we consistently achieve unsurpassed product quality and durability and will almost certainly outperform and outlast our competitors. All Bushman garments and accessories are also artfully-styled to ensure reliability, practicality and the maximum degree of comfort.